Quick and Easy foot soak recipe to get your feet flip flop ready

foot soak recipe

Get a Pedicure or Do a Foot Soak Recipe to get your feet flip flop ready?

I used to get a pedicure once or twice a year. I’ve since stopped that. One: because it costs a lot of money. Two: after watching some news stories about the flesh eating bacteria (among other diseases) that you might could get if they don’t sterilize their materials right. I decided it just isn’t worth it to me. I also got a foot fungus from a pedicure that took me almost a year to get rid of. Um, yeah done. So I bought one of those foot soak tubs from my favorite neighbor at a yard sale for $5. It had never been used. I’ve used it repeatedly since I bought it and dearly love it. It’s a great way to remove the dead skin on the bottom of my feet and get my feet flip flop ready. I used a simple soak recipe. 

Foot Soak Recipe 

Foot Soak Recipe
Serves 2
A great way to get your feet their softest.
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Prep Time
2 min
Total Time
2 min
Prep Time
2 min
Total Time
2 min
  1. 1/2 cup epsom salt
  2. 1 pitcher of warm water
  1. Mix together and pour into your foot tub. Let soak for 10-15 minutes. Then scrub with a brush to get the dead skin off. Moisturize and let dry for 5 minutes and enjoy your softer, smoother feet.
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Here’s the pic after I soaked and was about ready to scrub the bottom of my feet. You can see it was a much needed spa time for my poor feet!

foot soak

Just a little scrubbing with a foot brush from the dollar store and that skin came right off. Did you see my daughter getting her feet done in the background? Love her. She’s a mini me if there ever was one.

This was after the soak and before the scrub and moisturizer. I love this foot soak recipe. I’m so happy with my results. Check out the last pic after my girl and I gave each other pedicures.

foot soak recipe

This simple and inexpensive foot soak recipe you will come back to over and over.

My foot bath has bumps on the bottom that I rubbed my feet on over and over again to loosen up the skin and get it to come off. My feet are soft and smooth because of the foot soak recipe and now flip flop ready and my wallet is happier for it. I considered doing the mouthwash recipe but I’m always looking to put less chemicals in and on my body and not more. I’d rather do a simple soak and scrub then use the chemicals in a mouthwash. And now I don’t have to worry about diseases because I clean my tub and wash it out myself. Is there any beauty treatment you do yourself instead of paying to have it done? Share it with me in a comment. 

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  1. I actually just got a pedicure so that my tootsies looked perfect in flip flops last week when I was away. I should try this next time.

  2. Lindsey says:

    I love an Epsom salt bath for he body, too. It draws out all the toxins.

  3. Christie says:

    Ahhh, this looks so relaxing! Sign me up for next round

  4. keikilanij says:

    Oooo… I need to do this. Ready for summer and sandals already!

  5. Love the color of your polish! My feet totally need some TLC!

  6. I have also heard about those nasty bacteria in salon foot soaks. The only time I can treat myself to diy foot soak is after the kids are in bed. I am going to give your helpful recipe a try. Thanks.

  7. I need to try this. Flip flop weather is here!

  8. I’ve never used Epsom salt as a food soak, but I know that it works well on skin. I need to try this the next time I am in need of a pedi!

  9. Lisa @ The Wellness Wife says:

    That sounds so nice right about now. The weather is back down in the 40s and rainy here after a gorgeous weekend. A warm foot bath sounds great!

  10. Epsom salt fixes everything! If I could get off my feet long enough…. I might try this;)

  11. karenssunnysoirees says:

    This looks like a great foot soak, I would love this. I really need to get my feet ready for flip flop and sandal weather!

  12. Rachée Fagg (@sayitrahshay) says:

    I NEED this! I habe abused my feet so much over the winter and need to get them ready for cute sandals!

  13. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says:

    I’ve never thought to use epsom salt to soak my feet. What a great idea!

  14. louidam1 says:

    I’ve been wanting to get myself a foot spa for awhile now because pedicures are way too expensive! I also heard about bacteria from nail salons and I don’t want that to happen to me!

  15. The Harried Mom says:

    I love to soak my feet and always wondered about a foot spa. I love the way the salts make my feet feel re-energized!

  16. sippycupmom says:

    I definitely need to try this! And what’s your nail color? LOVE!

  17. Dawn Lopez (@dawnchats) says:

    Love this idea! I was just reminding myself to do a pre-pedicure.. and I actually have this salt on hand! Totally need to do this asap!

  18. casavilorainteriors says:

    I received one of these for Christmas and I have not yet used it. I honestly prefer the professional ones where I am being pampered. relaxing!

  19. Jessica @FusedLife says:

    We got one of these for my mother-in-law for Christmas one year. She loved it, so I think I will give her this recipe. Thanks!

  20. I love pretty toes! The color of your polish is perfect for spring and summer!

  21. valmg @ From Val's Kitchen says:

    This is a pedicure I can do. No salon person judging my nasty feet. 🙂

  22. I have a box of epsom salt and warm water calling my name as we speak!

  23. My daughter was just looking at my foot tub. She was fascinated by it. I was thinking maybe I should give her a little pedicure and get her flip flop ready. She’s 1. 🙂

  24. Susanna @Zealous Mom says:

    I need to do this for my poor husband. His feet look terrible from wearing sandals or going barefoot outside. Thanks!

  25. Yes, epsom salts are AWESOME. As a ballerina, I use that quite often to soak my feet and legs (for sore muscles) in.

  26. Felicia says:

    Where was this post yesterday?! Thank you for this. My feet need some serious help.

  27. Amanda says:

    I need to do this! My feet need to get ready for flip flops!!

  28. Brett Martin (@brettbmartin) says:

    i love using epsom salts. i am finding uses for it more and more as i’m getting older!

  29. the winter killed my feet. i’ll have to look into epsom salts to bring them back to life

  30. krystal says:

    When I was pregnant, I had foot soaks in front of the TV all the time! It was so refreshing. I need to start again.

  31. Liz Mays says:

    I used to have one of those, but it eventually died. We used to do home spa parties all the time. You scared me with these tales of yuck when getting pedicures!

  32. That really does sound nice. And hurrah it’s almost flip flop season!

  33. Epsome salt is awesome. I use it after my workouts but my feet really need some help!

  34. Love Epsom salt… It has some many great uses.

  35. Theresa says:

    Epsom Salt is so great at helping to remove crusty dead skin! Such a great way to get feet summer time ready too!

  36. thechattymomma says:

    I love inexpensive foot soaks. Thanks for sharing. Great choice in polish!

  37. I need to give this a try. I love flip flops and wear them whenever I can!

  38. Tamara @ OKC Mom of 3 says:

    I could sure use a pedicure & new polish! Thanks for linking up at the Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party

  39. I haven’t done a foot soak in ages! They are so relaxing.

  40. rjweaver10 says:

    My feet would probably love me if I did this for them!

  41. Cheri Morgan says:

    DON’T. try the Listerine recipe where she says the blue is her favorite! I’m sure she cracks up every time she reads it because it doesn’t work! But I did have Smurfette feet I had to scrub to get the blue off….even around my toes!