5 Beauty solutions straight from your kitchen

5 beauty solutions straight from your kitchen

5 Beauty Solutions straight from your kitchen

There’s not always a reason to purchase a product. We used to make do with what we had. Now we go try to purchase a solution. Let’s go back in time and use what we have and stop the senseless purchasing. It’s funny really I needed a loose tea infuser the other day. Everyone used to have these in their home 30 years ago. Now no one does. My mom has a half of one…she has no idea where the other half is. That’s not helpful. I laughed because I didn’t want to purchase something that I may use infrequently. I had no solution. No clue what to do. My brilliant mother (I’ll deny that if you tell her I called her that) said, “well what we used to do was drop the tea in and then strain it back out. I have a strainer. Duh! Let’s look more to what’s in our kitchen then finding quick fixes in spending way too much money on overpriced products.

Here’s 5 simple beauty tips that come straight from your own kitchen. 

1. Tea bags (used even and then placed in the fridge) will reduce bags under your eyes. The caffeine constricts blood vessels and makes the puffiness fade away. Leave on for 10 minutes and look at the difference. 

2. Honey placed on pimples reduce inflammation and decrease redness. Honey has antibacterial properties so it really does work on pimples, and it’s fairly cheap compared to big name products.

3. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for your face. Warm it in your hands and apply it to moisturize your face, neck and hands. Notice the difference and feel smarter for using what you already had. 

4. Coconut oil also makes a great hair conditioner. Just use it sparingly. You don’t want to fight to get that out of your hair, dime size or less please! 

5. Beer is great for your hair. I still remember my mom putting it on her hair when we were growing up. It has biotin in it which builds up the hair. The alcohol will clean it and increase shine. 

I say let’s all look in our kitchen for solutions to our beauty issues. It’s a great way to save money and look great too! What do you use in your kitchen to help your beauty regimen?

My girl loves to create homemade beauty solutions from our kitchen. She has a homemade lip balm and  she’s even made her own lip color recipe. Oh, she also makes her own honey mask. She’s so much fun. I love having a daughter that takes an interest in my wallet by making her own beauty products. She’s frugal and smart! Check out my daughter’s sugar scrub recipe on youtube (and subscribe while you’re there). 

40 Replies to “5 Beauty solutions straight from your kitchen”

  1. I’ve heard so many great things about lemons and health. I bought a bag and can’t wait to try some tips out.

  2. I’ve heard great things about honey and apple cider vinegar. I need to implement these ideas into my daily regime!

  3. I heard of using beer in your hair but I’ve never actually tried it out. Now I want to go and get some coconut oil though!

  4. I love this! The honey and coconut oil, I had heard before. But, I had NO idea about the beer for your hair! I will have to try it.

  5. its so funny- all the things our grandparents used, and we’ve gone full circle back to where we started. we try to make our own things here at home whenever possible

  6. I love using coconut oil in my hair! My husband will not let me use beer as he thinks it is a waste!

  7. Wow, tea bags for hair? I love homemade beauty products. Everyone is going back to natural anyway, so why not make at home!

  8. Such A great post! I just recently found out about the benefits of Coconut Oil…thanks for sharing.

  9. Okay, I knew about coconut oil for hair but not about beer. I may have to try it — my hair has been looking awful since I’ve had my two kids.

  10. I just finished researching the uses of coconut oil and it has to be one of the most useful products ever! I love that it’s a healthy fat, can deep condition your hair, and heal chapped lips, among many other things.

  11. I really need to do the tea bag trick, my eyes are so puffy and dark underneath. It is amazing how many natural beauty items are already in our homes.

  12. I’ve tried the beer before, but I love the coconut oil! I use coconut oil for everything. Thanks for sharing I’ve pinned them for our Spa Day.

  13. I had heard about the tea bags. I hadn’t heard about the rest of them. Interesting!

  14. I hadn’t thought about the coconut oil for the hair. I’m allergic to most conditioners, so I’ll have to try the coconut oil!

  15. These are the kinds of beauty tricks I like to read about. I don’t know what I’d do without my coconut oil. I use it for so much. Great list, and nice video.

  16. Honey is my favorite! I haven’t heard of all these beauty applications, but I use it all the time to help ward off colds and sore throats. It’s amazing stuff!

  17. I’m so lax on one, but I do love that you’re creating remedies right from the kitchen. Chemicals in beauty products are def. overrated.

  18. We use coconut oil quite a bit – but I never knew honey could help acne. I will have to let my daughter know that when she gets breakouts!

  19. Coconut oil is my everything! I use it for my skin, hair & even eat it for my health. I heard about the beer trick but couldn’t do it because not only can I not take the smell for even a second but I Akzo have a beer allergy. Weird right? I have to share the tea bags for eyes idea with my mom and the honey tip for my brother.

  20. I love the natural beauty solutions. I have heard about beer in hair before, but never tried it. I think I’ll have to give it a go!

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