Thumb-body loves you! St. Patrick’s Day thumbprint crafts #artsncrafts


St. Patrick’s Day thumbprint crafts are fun and easy to do!

My girl and I got crafty again and we had so much fun making these to share with you. Check out how simple this is. It can be done with a 2 year old or an 8 year old can have fun and do it all by herself. 

Shamrock crafts are fun without using paintbrushes! 

Check out how simple it was. You just need green paint, paper and thumbs. No paintbrushes required. Have fun and craft more with your kids! 

St. Patrick’s Thumbprint crafts make me smile.

No matter how cheesy it’s always fun to spend this time with my girl. 

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  1. I was googling fun painting ideas the other day and saw so many non traditional methods, the thumb included! My daughter loves finger painting so I know I can use this to my advantage when making St Patty’s Day crafts.

  2. This is such a cute idea. My youngest would love it & we even have some finger paint.
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