St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Marshmallows a quick and easy snack for kids

St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Covered Marshmallows 

Are you like me always trying to find a quick and easy snack for kids? 

These were so easy to do. Check out my simple chocolate covered marshmallow recipe and before they’ve dried dip in green sugar. My kids loved these as a quick snack. So good and so easy. 

To make quick and easy snack for kids it must be simple. 

These are about as quick and easy as a snack for kids can get. Check out my recipe I made before and follow it. All you need is chocolate chips, marshmallows and sugar. Voila a yummy chocolate treat for snack for the kids. 

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8 Replies to “St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Marshmallows a quick and easy snack for kids”

  1. Very cute and easy! I love making marshmallow pops because they’re so fast to put together.

  2. My son would love to make these. Marshmallows and chocolate together is the best combo!

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