Runway lights for airports

Best Source for Runway Lights

If you operate an airport, whether it is small or international size, you are familiar with the concept of runway lights. These lights line the sides of a runway to allow incoming and outgoing airplanes to know where the runway is at night and its width and length. Runway lights come in low, medium, and intensity and the brightness of the lights are determined by the location of the plane on the runway. The lights are so designed that the lights along the runway get brighter the closer the plane gets to the end of the runway. This allows pilots to slow down if they have misjudged the landing. These lights are all one color so the pilot can differentiate between taxi lights and warning lights at the airport.

Runway Lights that Meet and Surpass Standards

Obviously, runway lights are vital to the safety and operation of an airport. Runway lights from are among the best available. Ed Zukowski, Ph.D., founder of Genesis Lamp Corporation spent 15 years at GE as an engineer developing state-of-the-art xenon strobe lights. He then became an entrepreneur in specialty bulb manufacturing for aviation and photographic industries. At present, the corporation is known as an industry leader in airport light bulbs with an extra long life.

Quality Assurance That Matches FAA Standards

Genesis Lamp assures the best possible Quality Assurance Testing facilities. Their expertise and advanced testing facilities are used by technicians that certify products and evaluate adherence to specifications. These products are used both in the United States and internationally because all the Genesis Lamp runway lighting products are constructed from a durable aluminum alloy. This alloy is tough, hardwearing, as well as lightweight and easy to work with. Each of the lamps is easy to maintain. Prisms are accurately placed within the body casing to facilitate positioning and use. Each of the lights can be serviced without the need for a sealing compound, allowing replacement without the use of tools.
For the best possible runway lighting available with prompt shipping response and accurate matching of specifications, consider Runway lights fron as your preferred source for this vital equipment. You will be pleased with their service and quality.

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