Muvee 11 Reveal Review #spon

Disclosure: I was given the product to review and compensated for my time. 

muvee 11 reveal review

Muvee 11 Reveal Review

Muvee 11 Reveal is this program that makes a movie of your life using your pictures and videos that you’ve taken through the years. The Muvee 11 Reveal makes it so easy to take your pictures and videos and turn it into a professional looking video using cute backgrounds like a movie reel for example. It was easy to start the process. I simply downloaded the program to my computer. Then I just went in and restarted my computer and launched the program. It was a very simple step by step process to get my pictures to video. I selected the pictures from my computer (use the ctrl button to select multiple pictures I think I ended up with 38 pictures doing this method, such a time saver.) Then upload them to the program. Select the kind of movie you wish to make. They have one set up like a movie, one like a lifebook (which is the one I did).  They let you personlize it to your liking. I added a title screen, a credits screen and enjoyed the entire movie making process. It was a very user friendly program that anyone can use. This would be a nice touch to add baby pictures through a person’s life until they get married. How sweet would that be to see at the wedding or the reception? You could do it as a present for your family and friends. It would also make a nice video for a funeral. 

Here’s my silly simple family video that I made using Muvee 11 Reveal.

User friendly Muvee 11 Reveal makes great movies with your pictures. 

So to sum up, download the 15 day free trial at Muvee 11 Reveal. Play around with it and make this a gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day. Your family will be so thankful that you did. It’s one of those gifts that people can watch year after year. You can even make it for graduation present for a teen. My son will be graduating next year and this would be a great thing to have done for him. Baby pictures through high school…how is it possible I have a child about to graduate from high school next year? The time just flies by. Take lots of pictures, make lots of movies and live lots of memories of your life. 

Thanks to Muvee 11 Reveal for the product to facilitate the writing of this review and compensation for my time. 

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