Desk Makeover DIY from a boyish desk before to a girlie desk after

Desk Makeover From a boyish desk to a girlie one

My daughter has been wanting me to redo a desk that was once my brother’s and before that my father’s. It’s very old but still in pretty good shape considering. Check out our pictures of how we redid the desk. This is the before. Notice the thing screwed into the desk. That’s the old timey pencil sharpeners. I wish I still had that sharpener!


Christmas Break Desk Do-Over

My girl and I redid this over Christmas break when it was so cold outside. But we were able to get it done. We sanded one day. Sanded everything, desk drawers, legs, sides and tops. We took off the pencil sharpener before we sanded. The next day we wiped down the desk to get all the sanding off. You don’t want to paint with the remnants of the sanding on the desk. So you use a wet towel and just wipe it down good. Then we let that dry and we set to painting it. 

desk makeover from my dad's desk to my daughters

Desk Redo from boy to girl desk

Her and I had so much fun doing this desk together. We painted it with some simple cream paint we already had. By the time we got to the chair she was done and my thoughts were the same. The chair looks cute staying the color it’s been for 40 years. Old is new again! She loves her desk. I thought about cleaning up the floor and her desk but this is real life people. This is what her desk looks like and her floor. It’s so hard to get them to keep their room clean, isn’t it? 

What furniture are you thinking of redoing? 

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35 Replies to “Desk Makeover DIY from a boyish desk before to a girlie desk after”

  1. looks great!! we have the old school pencil sharpener. i wont ever give it up. in fact i’ve had one at the top of the basement stairs in every house i ever lived in!

  2. I always enjoy looking at DIY projects. You did a great job transforming the desk – I love the cream color. I am sure it was so much fun working on the project with your daughter.

  3. Very cute! We did that recently with a desk that I purchased at a garage sale for my daughter. We painted it white, and used wall ‘stickers’ to decorate it.
    It was fun!

  4. I think the desk would be perfect for either a boy or girl. Looks great, nice transformation.

  5. I like that the chair was left its original color. It adds the perfect contrast to the cream of the desk. Great job on the redo!

  6. What a great makeover!! I have a side table from our old house that I am planning to paint to coordinate with our new living room.

  7. I think it came out great! I have so many things I want to paint in our house but I never make time to do it.

  8. I love to upcycle. I have a small bench that I want to do something with this Spring

  9. I love that you got your daughter involved in the redo. I bought and old desk at a yard sale last summer that I want to strip and refinish. Maybe when the weather warms up.

  10. Great idea! This reminded me of the vintage school desk I had growing up. I remember helping paint it bright blue.

  11. You both did a lovely job transforming the desk to a more feminine touch… I like the new brighter color too.

  12. Love, love, love me some upcycling project! I really like the girly touch to that boyish desk!

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