Cost of Living then and now

cost of living

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The Cost of Living these days

As someone who’s never been able to just be a stay at home mom because of income,  cost of living is very important to me. I always wanted to be a mom. I only ever wanted to have children. Despite that fact I’ve always had to work. I was a stay at home mom for about 2 years because of trying to get pregnant and stay that way. I ended up on bedrest and was allowed to stay at home per the doctors advice. My hubby wants me to be at home and always has but I have to bring in money for that to happen. I’d say the largest reason I have to work is because of healthcare costs. And it always has been that way. We pay around $800/mo for healthcare in this country. When your healthcare is more then your house note there is a problem.

How much has the Cost of Living increased?

Check out this great infographic that shows you the change in then and now by clicking on each picture in the link. The cost of living in America from 1963 to now is astounding.  For instance a house in 1963 costs only $19,300 and now runs $152,000. That’s a huge difference. But our minimum wage hasn’t moved that much at all. It went from $1.25/hr to $7.25/hr. Why has the minimum wage not gone up with our cost of living? A movie ticket then was .85 and now it’s more than $8.05 per ticket. That’s incredible. I’m just confused why the costs rise so fast in some areas and stays still longer in others? What did you think when you checked out the infographic? Were you surprised at some?

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  1. That was a neat infographic but that’s crazy how much the prices has changed! I would be considered rich if I was living in the 60’s.

  2. I feel the same way! Our cost of living has greatly increased over the decades, yet most people can barely afford things. I don’t think it helps having all these electronics thrown into our face daily either though. I guess in a way our needs have changed dramatically as well.

  3. sooo crazy to think about this! I remember when I could get $5 of gas and be okay!!!

  4. I’m not surprised, it’s crazy how expensive things are now. I remember when movies were so much cheaper. And stamps used to be like 20 cents!

  5. We never go to the movies since the price is so high! It’s crazy how min wage has not gotten higher than what it is.

  6. I have opinions on minimum wage. These are not jobs that are meant to support people long term. Although companies can afford to increase the wages, people need to find an alternative to support themselves.

  7. Prices have went up so much in the past 50 years – it’s crazy. Still, we don’t bat an eye when buying most of those things for much more than they were bought for back in the day (bread and milk, for examples).

  8. There is no doubt that prices has really increased and to tell you the truth, life is getting harder than easier for most people. This is the main reason that we need to be wiser on how we spend our money. I believe that in every challenge we face, we can draw lessons from it. So even if prices went up for the last decades, let us always seek out the lessons we can learn. 🙂

  9. I am always surprised when I am reminded of these facts. I think everything is so much more expensive but we have also become accustomed to having so much more stuff than they did back then.

  10. Adult movie tickets here in CT are $11.50 each. ELEVEN fifty. I was floored. It’s not like you even get a snack with that!! I don’t know how people afford to do stuff regularly. We don’t even like doing a pay per view for $5 on the tv LOL

  11. I can not believe the difference in prices between a house then and now. I’m so tired of minimum wage dispute – it needs raised! People can not live off what they’re making.

  12. wow a house for $19,000? I wish!! That’s an incredible jump from then to now though and you’re right, the wages we are paid have barely changed. I can’t imagine how hard it’ll be for our kids.

  13. We talk about this a lot when we talk about cars. My Grandpa bought my Dad a new car nearly every year – he wasn’t rich, they just did pretty well, and cars were CHEAP!
    I think it’s sad that we as a country have gotten so GREEDY, that prices have went up so significantly!

  14. It’s so sad how expensive everything is nowadays. It really makes me sick to think how much we pay for healthcare alone in this country!

  15. I am with you, I don’t understand why the cost of living goes up so quick. It seems to me it should keep pace with minimum wage.

  16. Wow, what an insane increase in prices! I think it is a shame that the argument that owners will have to increase the cost of a pizza/burger/whatever if they have to pay a higher minimum wage. Wow, how about you, take a little bit less than the millions you are pocketing? Terrible to have to cut into your profits a little bit so that your employees do not need food stamps.

  17. I have noticed the differences in cost of living versus income, it’s such a tough world to live in and it may only be worse for my children when they are grown. That makes me sad.

  18. There is a huge disparity in the cost of living and rising incomes. I’m curious if you’ve seen a change in your insurance rates since the ACA has taken effect.

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