Super Bowl do you watch or not?

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Super Bowl is a big deal for my husband. Yeah at my house it’s all about him on this day and that’s ok. The rest of us could care less. I watched the Super Bowl and was really surprised this year with the game. I think Denver forgot to show up. Did they think their season was over? Anyway I digress. We had ribeye (on clearance) and baked potatoes with green beans. It was so good. I can always make a post about food. What’s wrong with me? I digress again. I was super impressed with myself this year that I stayed in the room with my hubby. I watched the commercials and finished up a book I had been trying to read for a month. It was a mystery by Kay Hooper and it was really good til the end. Anyway the 17 year old had his girlfriend over and there were shenanigans to be had by them. At one point instead of watching the game they were upside down on the couch, both of them. Bored for sure. Then we had the buffalo chicken dip for dinner and my girl’s birthday cake for dessert. It was a lovely day. I enjoyed the parts of the game I watched and the commercials. The doritos time machine ad and the ummmm David Beckham ad was my favorite (what was his ad for? no clue but great ad!!).  What ads were your favorite? Did you watch for the game or the ads?

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