Shamrock crafts: How to do a rubbing!

shamrock crafts

How to do a Shamrock crafts rubbing

Being a former elementary teacher I love to do crafts and activities with my kids. But only my daughter seems to appreciate them. So her and I had fun working on St. Patrick’s Day activities today. The first one we did was so simple.

Gather your Shamrock Crafts items

It involves a green crayon, sandpaper, scissors, and paper. We cut out shamrocks on the sandpaper. Put them under the paper and just rubbed the side of the crayon on the  paper to show the shamrock beneath. Any age child could do this from toddlers to older kids. It’s fun to see the surprise picture appear from below the paper! 

It’s fun to do Shamrock crafts.

What other ones have you done before? Share them with me in a comment.

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