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hot or not

Hot or Not app review

This is such a cool app. You have to hear how the app works. Hot or Not is like a dating site. It allows you to see singles in your local area. You can then thumbs up or thumbs down as to whether or not you want to make a connection with them. And by connection I mean it’s kind of like facebook where once you are connected you can then message each other on the site (or mobile app on your phone).  If you thumbs up someone and they do not feel the same then no connection is made. You are able to see their profiles, what their hobbies are and what they are into but you can’t message them unless they want to message you too. I love the ease of this for some of my single friends. It makes it so much easier than having people you are not interested in messaging you. 

hot or not app review

Ready to download Hot or Not

Here’s how you can check out Hot or Not.  First, download it to your phone.  Download Hot or Not app to your iPhone, iPad or to your PC.  Next you can like them on facebook.  What do I like about this app? I like that you can make connections with people you are interested in. If they are interested then you can start a dialogue with them in getting to know them better. If there’s no interest on one side or the other at this time you do not find out what they “scored” you.  Or what you scored them. So it’s great that no one can use it to tear another person down!  

If you’re single check out Hot or Not.

You may find it’s easier and better then those other “dating” sites. Have you used this app? 

This post was created in partnership with Hot or Not, all opinions are however, my own.

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