Easy Baby Shower Foods on a Budget

easy baby shower foods on a budget

The food is often the hardest and most expensive part of any get-together, and baby showers are no exception. If you are responsible for planning the food for a baby shower, check out these tips to help you save your sanity and some cash. 

Easy Baby Shower Foods on a Budget

They do not have to be difficult and are often easy and inexpensive. You’re at the baby shower for that new baby. The food is a bonus to loving on that new mom to be! 

Cake Kabobs

Bake any light cake, such as strawberry shortcake or a fluffy Angel’s Food Cake, and then cut it into small cubes. Place them on kabob skewers and drizzle with honey, strawberries, or frosting and serve cake kabobs as an appetizer or finger food. These are easy and cheap, but they look so fancy no one will really notice.

 Veggie Boats

Make a mix of veggies and place them in small cardboard pates with individual servings of ranch or blue cheese dressing in the center in plastic cups. This makes the table look fuller and allows each guest to quickly grab a veggie boat and move on, saving time and a traffic jam at the buffet table. If you want it to look fancier, place them in clear plastic bowls that you get from the dollar store instead of cardboard boats. And decorate the plates!

 Trail mix bags

Mix up your favorite trail mix and portion them out into snack bags. Tie it with ribbon and attach a gift tag to it with the words “Mix and Mingle with someone new!” as a challenge to meet someone new as guests enjoy the food. Do this same thing with popcorn, but attach a note that says “Ready to Pop” as a cute way to say “mom’s ready for this baby to be here!”

A “Craving Table”

Did you crave pickles dipped in hot sauce when pregnant? Many women experience odd pregnancy cravings, and to make mom-to-be and guests laugh, have her right down some of her cravings, then place them on a table with little note cards explaining them. It’s an eclectic buffet that will have guest giggling so much they won’t really pay attention to how inexpensive it all is. 

Taco Bar

There’s really nothing cheaper than tacos or hot dogs, so make a buffet for either. Place condiments and extras in individual serving bowls and let people make their own food in a hurry.

Cheap and Easy Food for Baby Showers do not need to be difficult.

Just use your past experience and knowledge of a budget to figure out what you can do on the budget you have. Can you do only mints and cake? That’s ok then do that. Is your budget a bit bigger? Then go for the Taco Bar or the Veggie Boats. 

Baby Showers are about the baby not the food!

Let the baby be the star and the food be for nourishment! You’re there to honor the new life about to be born. Enjoy the time you have with the mom before that precious life gets here! 

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