How to dye eggs using food coloring

how to dye eggs using food coloring


Dyeing Easter Eggs is so much fun for the kids. 

I love to dye eggs with my kids. I was lucky enough to have all the ingredients because I ran out of dye around Christmas and had to purchase more. Here’s the recipe straight off the food dye box. I take no credit for it! 

How to dye Easter eggs using food coloring.

To do many different colors I did have to adjust the recipe.

Hard boil your eggs (here’s my method for great hard boiled eggs that the shells come off of!) 

I did 2 cups boiling water spread out into about 6 cups

3 tsp vinegar added to boiling water

Then pour into your cups that have 10-20 drops of food dye in them.

Let the eggs sit in the colors for 5 minutes or more.

Things we did to get different results in our dyed Easter Eggs

We mixed blue and red to get purple. We then mixed red and yellow to get orange, etc. We had so much fun dyeing our Easter Eggs.  We also used a white crayon to write on the eggs. She wrote eggsactly on one, and her name and my name on them too. She also used rubber bands to make bands of color. You can use stickers if you have them. I tried to do dots with the white crayon and since you can’t see it as well while you’re doing it I left holes in my dots. So stickers would work better. Just get creative and use what’s in your house. 

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  1. Sooo much better than the boxed ideas. I like bein crafty so doing them all homemade makes it better

  2. I remember doing this as a child, dying eggs, writing on them with crayons, drawing pictures with crayons, this brings back memories. Thank you for sharing this post.

  3. This is how my sister in law has always dyed her eggs! She said it’s so much easier and 9 times outta 10 you have this in your pantry~ LOL

  4. I love this method of dyeing easter eggs, its almost like a family hand me down reciepe. I did it with mom, now i do it with my kids

  5. I’ve always wanted to try this and can’t believe how easy it is, I thought it was going to need more ingredients in order to do this, I don’t know why. Thanks for the post.

  6. Perfect–and I already have food coloring and vinegar. For smaller kids this would be a good lesson in color mixing.

  7. I love Easter and I love seeing the kids do this and seeing what secret message comes out!

  8. Kids aren’t the only ones that love their colored eggs!! I live in an All Adult (age 50 +) Mobile Home Resort Park in Southern Texas. There are no Kids allowed to live here, but you would never know it at the Holidays!! For Easter, don’t even think about having our Easter Banquet without colored Easter Eggs!! You’d never hear the end of it!!

  9. Dyeing the Easter Eggs was always fun,,,, all the colors and the laughs and giggles trying to make the prettiest eggs…. good memories.

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