5 unconventional or surprising, yet simple, ways to save money

ways to save money

5 unconventional or surprising, yet simple, ways to save money

Saving money is a goal for people each and every year, and if you’re one of the millions that wants to save money in 2014, you may need a little help. These simple, yet unconventional tips, can help!

Make a daily, weekly, and monthly budget

When people make a budget, they tend to make a yearly or monthly budget, but to really save money make a daily, weekly, and monthly budget. Start by using a calendar to write down everything you need to spend each day. Do you need $5 for lunch? Write it down. Going to the grocery store on Wednesday? Write it down. Everything you spend money on, write it down. This will eventually create your weekly budget, but in the weekly budget you should also add savings goals.

Make a cute savings jar

No matter if you are saving loose change or large sums, make a cute savings jar in which to save it. Many people tout the benefits of an envelope system, but not many talk about the benefits of cute envelopes. The more you like your savings jar or envelopes, the more likely you will be to use them.

Buy in Bulk with a friend

If you have ever been wholesale or bulk shopping, you may have stopped and wondered “do I REALLY need 200 rolls of toilet paper?” You probably don’t, but if those 200 rolls sell for $30, it’s a steal, right? It’s a better steal if you split them with a friend. Go bulk shopping with someone that needs similar items and split the cost. Hey, 100 rolls of toilet paper for $15 is still a great buy!

Mix and match food

You can still go out to eat while saving money- just cut down on what you buy and go elsewhere for certain items. If you are getting pizza for example, don’t get bread sticks. Go to the grocery store and buy bags of chips and sodas instead of getting them with the pizza. This works with burgers, Chinese take-out, and other popular foods. By doing this, you can cut out some of the spending on eating out.

Make your own cleaning supplies

If you want to save about $200 a year, replace some of your basic cleaning supplies with vinegar and water. There are many online articles and recipes that will show you how to make your own cleaning supplies and most ingredients are cheap and non-abrasive. You can use things like lemons, cilantro, sea salt, and other cooking supplies, as well.

What are some ways you like to save money? Tell me in a comment!


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