Valentine’s Day Crafts are fun!

valentine's day crafts

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

I think my girl and I could craft away a day. We had so much fun working on crafts for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what we worked on: tissue paper hearts, marshmallow printing on hearts, heart shaped chain, and a heart person. I love crafting with my girl. We used only what we had in the house so you can improvise and do the same. Now let’s get started craftin’.

Here’s some info about the Valentine’s Day Crafts that we did. 

One of the first things we did was a heart shaped chain. This will allow us to count down to Valentine’s Day in a way that is real to the kids. As the days get closer we can take a heart shaped link off the chain and show them visually how many days to Valentine’s Day. She’s holding the chain in the biggest picture. We just cut strips of red and pink paper, shaped into hearts and then stapled them together. So easy!

Next we did a tissue paper heart. We started out cutting a heart out and then tearing tissue paper and wadding it up. We then glued the tissue paper on to the construction paper heart. This was a quick and easy craft that even the smallest could do. You could simply help them glue and your kids would love being a part of this Valentine’s Day craft

Then we did something that was really fun. We got out big marshmallows and used them to stamp paint on to a construction paper heart. She had fun stamping. Then she came up with the idea to use the paint as glue and glue small marshmallows onto the outline of the heart. It was fun to watch her decide how to craft her heart. 

The last Valentine’s Day Craft that we did was to stamp using the marshmallow painting the heart white. Then we did googly eyes and made heart people. It would be fun to fold paper up to make arms and legs too. We didn’t think about that at the time. But heart people are so fun. 

I hope you try some of these Valentine’s Day crafts with your kids.

What crafts have you come up with to do for Valentine’s Day? Leave me a comment and I may just feature your craft in our next Valentine’s Day crafting session! 

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