No Gym Necessary Workout Videos for the Home

no gym necessary workouts

Are you trying to get fit this New Year?/h3>

Did you make a resolution but do not have a budget for a gym membership. Never fear, with all the challenges listed on Pinterest and all the great advice on the internet there is no need for a gym membership. Check out these great articles to get fit in 2014. 

Are you a fan of yoga? Check out how yoga can change your body

A great list of the Best 20 minute workouts!

Do you work at a desk? Here’s 3 superfast workouts that you can do at lunch while at home or work.

I loved Oprah’s Great No Equipment workout you can do at home. 

BlissTree has a video that is great for travellers titled: Yoga Moves for Travellers

How about the top 10 workouts for the home?

Arm workout without weights video for the home. 

Not a fan of running? Try the no running cardio you can do at home.

Video Full Body Workout without weights or equipment. Great video!

Great video of 30 exercises you can do at home without equipment. Great motivation too. 

Don’t have a lot of room? Try the 7 Slimming workouts for small spaces. 

And here’s two bonus videos of working out! 

High Intensity Workout Video with no equipment and a video too!

Video of a Full 15 minute home workout to get it done!

You do not have to have a gym membership to get a great workout. I’m currently walking 3.6 miles and then doing one challenge a month. I found my challenge and pinned it on pinterest on my weight loss board. Follow me there! IT’s a great way to get your workout in and still work on getting more toned. What are you working on this year? Weight loss or toning tell me in a comment and let’s do this journey together. 

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No gym necessary workout videos for the home

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dump your gym membership and stay in shape


 I was not paid to promote these or post to them. I am simply sharing what I found. 


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