Vino lovers here’s a great gift idea, VinoVinti!

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Have you heard of VinoVinti? I hadn’t either. I’m a wine lover. I love to cook with it. I love to drink it. My hubby loves red wine and I’m a fan of the whites. I’ve been to a local winery that does tasting and enjoyed savoring their wines. Wine is a great gift to give this time of year too. The VinoVinti would make a great gift for your favorite wine lover. VinoVinti takes the carbon dioxide out of your wine. What this does is improve the flavor and smoothness of the wine. Here’s a video to explain everything!  

How simple is that? You simply open the bottle with your VinoVinti and let it do it’s job for 20-30 seconds. That’s all the time it takes to take the carbon dioxide out. This reduces some of that acidic bite that some people talk about. The VinoVinti reduces the tannens and makes your mouth happier. It works with both red and white wines. Improve the flavor in seconds and enjoy with your favorite meal. 

Make sure you like VinoVinti on Facebook. To give this as a gift this holiday season make sure you check out their store at VinoVinti. Your favorite wine lover will be happy that you did. 

Please drink responsibly, and as always, only drink if you are at least 21 years old or older. 

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