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hello fresh review



I was given a weeks subscription to Hello Fresh to facilitate the writing of my review. This is my honest opinion of this product. 


What is Hello Fresh? A review! 

Hello Fresh is a subscription service that delivers fresh ingredients to your home that you make into dinner. The ingredients arrived in a box with a styrofoam container and frozen blocks in it. It arrived fresh as can be and I waited 4 days to make my dinners. My ingredients were still fresh and ready to be used. I followed these recipe cards that were included in the box and made the dinners without any problems. They were so yummy. It was food I never would have put together and made myself. My entire family adored the stuffed squash with cherry balsamic reduction. It wasn’t difficult to make either. I cooked the ground beef and made the rice all while the squash was cooking in the oven. Then I put the ground beef onto a paper towel to drain and added the cherries and balsamic vinegar and let it reduce down. Pulled the squash out, added the ground beef to the rice and mixed then topped it onto the squash and poured the cherry balsamic reduction over the top. It was so yummy. My picky daughter loved it and ate more of it the next day for dinner.  

The next day I made the dill crusted tilapia with sweet potato and cranberry medley. It was a simple dish to make as well. I chopped the dill and garlic, added the almonds and placed the fish into the dill, garlic and almonds. Then repeated it on the other side and added some parmasan cheese and cooked it. I then chopped up the sweet potato and boiled it in water. Drained the water and cooked it in butter over medium heat and added the cranberries and almonds. This was such a hit with my family. I often make sweet potatoes but I make it just by baking it and eating it that way. Boring. This way was so much more fun. My family was so happy to get to try out this service. With the price of eating out this is a great option to get healthy food options that aren’t difficult to prepare. All their meals were yummy and eaten not only by me and my dh but my kids as well. 

Make sure you check out their Hello Fresh website and follow them on facebook and twitter.  There food is fresh and nutritious and oh so yummy. You will not be sorry you checked it out. You will be glad that you did! 

I was given a weeks subscription to Hello Fresh to facilitate the writing of my review. This is my honest opinion of this product. 




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  1. this is a great service! Many times I dont have time to get to the store for fresh ingredients becuase of work and kids schedule. Thanks for letting us know about Hello Refresh!

  2. I absolutely LOVE HelloFresh. I would I could afford to subscribe to a box every week, but I’m a single mother to a just started driving teenager. When I do order boxes, usually 3-6 times per year I learn new techniques and I also have the chance to cook with my teenage son!

    Last night (literally) we made Shrimp Saganaki. I’d never had anything like it before. It’s a Greek recipe and although HelloFresh did it a little bit differently than the traditional method of making it, it was AMAZING. I had JUST enough for a small leftover portion for lunch today, only because I purposefully saved it. When my colleagues smelled it after I reheated it, they were DROOLING!

    Between working full time outside of the home and blogging, among other things, grocery shopping is one of my least favorite chores, plus with only 3 people (my S.O. who basically LIVES with me, but has not officially moved in because his lease hasn’t expired yet) I almost always end up with mad amounts leftovers when I cook.

    With the HelloFresh two person meal plan, I’ve been able to feed 3 people every time, plus most of the time I have 1-2 leftovers, which is just enough.

    I’m gonna have to say that HelloFresh has made the BEST OF list for 2 years in a row! Again, I just wish I could receive boxes more. It’s not that it’s unaffordable, but rather I just haven’t budgeted for it.

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