Fun preschool ornaments to do with your kids

easy preschool ornaments

I take no responsibility on how cute these are! These were done by my children while they were in preschool and they’re so simple to do. I thought maybe someone else might want to see them and make them for family gifts. Enjoy!

snowman handprint ornament


Just need a blue sheet of construction paper, white paint, black paint, red and orange paint. Paint the hand and put it on the blue paper add hat, eyes, nose, scarf and arms to make this cute and easy snowman handprints. 

holiday lights picture frame ornament


This one requires 4 popsicle sticks that you then do colored finger prints on and connect with a sharpie line. Put photo in behind it and glue it down. Simple and cute! 

christmas wreath picture frame ornament


You need green paper cut into a wreath and a red bow. Add a silly photo with a santa hat and voila…cute ornament! 


triangle picture frame


3 popsicle sticks to make a triangle and glue sides together. Let the child add buttons, glitter or pom poms for decorations. 

santa hand preschool ornament


So sweet is this Santa handprint. You need red, white paint and can combine the two to get pink. Paint palm print pink, thumb red and fingers are white. Add a face. Cute as can be! 

merry christmas ornament


This is not a preschool ornament but it’s a cute homemade ornament that I made 10 years or so ago. I just took a white ball and wrote on it in red sharpie Merry Christmas. Cute, simple add a bow and a great new ornament to swap with friends. I hope you can use some of these ideas of all the brilliant preschool teachers that my kids have had in the past. Merry Christmas!

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