Airborne Review


Airborne for Kids

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My kids were super excited to try out the Airborne chewable tablets, Airborne gummies and the effervescent tablets. When I opened the package they both decided to try it immediately. My son tried the effervescent tablets. He stated that they tickled his nose. I thought that was to cute. He thought it was pretty tasty. He drank it all.

 My girl tried the chewable tablets and the kids gummies. Both kids loved the Airborne kids gummies. They thought they were tasty and they enjoyed the fruit flavors. I loved that the Airborne bottle has a list of the ingredients so that I can know whether or not I want to give this to my kids. I would say over all if I was to purchase this I would get the gummies first and my second choice would be the chewable tablets.  

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 Try Airborne and let me know what you think. Have you used Airborne before?


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