Zaycon Chicken makes for a great meal.

I was given some chicken to facilitate the writing of this review. This didn’t not affect my opinion of this chicken and didn’t make my review less awesome. 



Zaycon Foods Chicken review

I had a great experience with Zaycon foods. They are a company that has their deals on meat online and you go online fill out an order and meet the truck to pick up your meat. It was so easy. I never even had to get out of the car. They walked up, asked me my name found my order and brought it to my car and loaded it up. It was that simple. The entire process from placing my order to receiving it was simple and easy. When I got the chicken home that is when the fun began. Let me show you what all I made from the chicken I brought home. 

freezer meals


Great chicken for a family to eat! 


That’s my post I did about freezer cooking with chicken. I made so many yummy meals. I made barbecue chicken in the crockpot. Chicken pot pie, chicken noodle soup and so much more. It was so easy to cook this chicken. One thing I noticed is that the chicken went in one size and came out the same size. I’m used to putting huge chicken breasts in the oven and them being pumped full of water and disappearing when I pull them out. These did not do that! That impressed me so much. It was yummy tasting too and not full of salt either. When I made the barbecue chicken I put 3 breast in the crockpot and cooked them for 4 hours. Then shredded and we ate it on buns. Those 3 breasts made enough barbecue for my family to eat on twice. 3 breasts gave me 10 meals. I have 5 people in my family. That’s a lot of chicken.

Thank you Zaycon for allowing us to try your chicken and blog for you! Your chicken is amazing! 

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  1. This is great! I’ll have to see if they offer this service in my area. Sounds like they offer some great deals too!

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