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I was compensated for this post. This did not affect my opinion of this awesome opportunity to recognize leaders in this country who give with very little taking! 


Maytag is looking for help to select the best and final candidate for their Maytag Dependable Leader Award and you can help. Simply by going to their site and voting you can help select one of these great leaders (and they are all great leaders).  This award is for leaders who are helping the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA). There are so many great candidates for us to choose from. One from Cleveland, Pasadena, San Francisco, Tampa Bay and even Bryant. So click on over there and go vote.  These guys give tirelessly to their respective BGCA and deserve the accolades of being recognized.  Make sure you visit to see what these great leaders have been doing that got them nominated for this well deserved award. What do they win? They win a $20000 grant to spend on their BGCA to help their Club’s efforts to be a safe, dependable place that enables young people to have great futures. What a great thing Maytag is doing! 

 Here’s a little bit about each finalist. 

    • Albert Hernandez – Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena: Albert Hernandez defines what it means to be a Maytag Dependable Leader. He has passion, energy, tenacity, curiosity, and an untiring desire to change lives.  Without fail, he brings these qualities to work every day at the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena, and uses them to help and inspire our kids.
    • Ethan Harris – Boys & Girls Club of Bryant: Ethan has a servant’s heart. His passion for giving and philanthropy extends far beyond his 11 years – he is the youngest person to receive the “Hometown Hero Award” for his charitable efforts within the community.  He inspires everyone around him to do more and to strive to be a better person.
    • Nate Ford – Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco: For 25 years, Nate has modeled the philosophy “Learning to Play and Playing to Learn.”  He runs the athletic programs at nine Clubs, and understands the power of athletics. He mentors young athletes across gang lines, helping downplay rivalries while focusing on athletic and academic potential.
    • Ricky Gallon – Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay: Ricky’s passion for serving youth stems from the 41 years he spent within the Club. He now helps drive programs that inspire people to get involved. After a successful NBA career overseas, he returned dedicated to providing great futures to youth through personal, engaging and touching stories.
    • Steve Hixson – Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland: Steve has given his heart and soul to the Club. Through personal donations of time and money, and his annual Cash for Kids event, he has given a future to the organization. He also has given our youth a future through personally investing in their lives, and mentoring them to excel, grow, and lead.

Cast your vote for one of the five finalists as often as once per day. Voting runs from November 12, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. PT through November 29, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. PT. For full rules visit

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