8 Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving so you are ready!

thanksgiving dinnerthanksgiving dinner


Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s going to be here before we know it. I love Thanksgiving. It’s about family, food and being thankful. What’s not to love about that? There are ways to help you get prepared so that you don’t get overwhelmed when Thanksgiving does get here.

Here’s 8 Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving! 

1. Plan your menu and plan it early. Make a list of everything you need for the food you want to have and prepare. Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce (homemade like I made last year!), desserts, rolls, drinks, pumpkins whatever you need write it down so that you will have a plan for the making of Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Buy a little bit on each paycheck so you don’t get hit all at once with the cost of Thanksgiving. The turkey by itself is quite costly so being prepared and buying ahead will help you spread out the cost. 

3. Make whatever you can ahead of time. Go ahead on the weekends or whenever you get a chance and make the rolls, pies, green beans and freeze them so you have part of the dinner already finished. Spreading out the work will make for a less stressful Thanksgiving dinner. 

4. Ask others to help. Let them bring part of the dinner or help you get the house cleaned. Whatever you need help with just ask for it. Many people are willing to help but you have to ask.

5. Get some of your deep cleaning out of the way early. When you have 20 minutes begin some of those cleaning projects you’ve been putting off and go ahead and do them. That’s one more thing out of the way and you are another step closer to a family filled Thanksgiving day.

6. If you are using your china then go ahead and wash plates, cups, and saucers to get them ready for use. If you’re using disposable items go ahead and get them purchased. 

7. Play with the table setting you plan on using. If you are going to have a fancy table set then get the items out and put them on the table. Try it many different ways and see which way you like the table set best. 

8. Wash your special baking dishes that you will need. I have a turkey roaster that I know needs to be washed before the big day. Washing it early means one less thing that you have to do to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Thanksgiving is such a special time. Try to make a fun family event by doing what you can ahead of time. The more you have already done the less stress you will have on you on the actual day of the event. It’s so much fun to have Thanksgiving and enjoy your family on the day of. Trying to get it all done in one day is a sure fire way to have a disaster of a holiday. Preparation is the key. The more you prepare for Thanksgiving the better your day will go.

Do you feel like you are prepared for Thanksgiving day yet?

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