10 Desserts for Thanksgiving Holidays!



Here’s some of the tried and true recipes for our favorite desserts of all time. Check them out and bake them for your loved ones this holiday season! 

My favorite is first off. Chocolate Cream Pie and here it is on youtube! Or on allrecipes.com if you’d rather print it out. 



Next how about a pecan pie! Here’s a traditional and a non traditional using pecans.

Traditional Pecan Pie  or how about Pumpkin Pecan Pie Squares

How about a twist on an ambrosia type salad. Cherry Frozen Saladit’s so good and easy. People request I bring it to get togethers all the time. 

I love a good no bake cheesecake this time of year. Something I can make ahead of time and pull out the day of and use and love. Give this no bake cheesecake recipe a try! 

Want a no fail recipe that everyone will love? Try these decadent brownies.  In the mood for a little something different? How about a yummy apple crisp that’s to die for! Or maybe a yummy cake will hit the spot. Why not try this too much chocolate cake? Or a simple white cake too yummy for words! Maybe a banana pudding is up your alley. There’s a dessert recipe that is for you and will make your holiday complete. 



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