Milkster gives you your decorating and shopping fix! #spon


Milkster meets your decorating and shopping needs. 

I visited Milkster the other day to find out what all the fuss was about. I really enjoyed playing around there and making my very first decor board for my home. Products I want and think would make great gifts for me or the family are what I found when I went there. . I found this great throw pillow that I want!  It’s on my decor board. You can check out and follow my decor board on Milkster here.  Make your own board so that you can find your next great design idea for your house. There were so many great examples of good decor. From pendant lights to ladders as decorations in your home to vintage bathtubs, you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for or what you didn’t know you needed in your home.  I love the church looking windows as mirrors in a bathroom. How gorgeous is that? 

Milkster helps you find new products for your decorating and shopping needs.

Do you see my favorite throw pillow? Home is where your wifi automatically connects~ haha. I love that. That would look great on my desk…uh I mean couch. My desk is my couch. You don’t want to see the lounge part of it. Papers, camera phone, etc is all over it. I’ve been wanting a ladder to make into a book shelf for my bathroom. I found one at this funky little store and they wanted $700 for it. Um yeah I’ll find it at a yard sale or I’ll have to do without. Thanks anyway.

Make a Milkster board so you can find products for decorating and shopping. 

Make sure you check out Milkster, follow me and set up your own board. You might just find that your decorating tastes have changed over the years and it’s time to update the house! Did you find Milkster helped you with decorating or shopping? Let me know in a comment. 

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