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lola abc party 2 review

Lola’s ABC Party 2 is a great app for the kindergarten set.

It has tons of educational games for your preschooler or beginning elementary child. My 7 year old had a great time playing Lola’s ABC Party 2.  


Lola’s ABC Party 2 App has great games for your kindergartener.

Some of the games I like are spell the word egg and it gives you choices in letters to spell it.  They give you letters and teach you how to trace them too. There is also a game where they give you the category and you find the word that fits that category.


Look at those great graphics on Lola ABC Party 2

For instance find the transportation in these balloons. Then the child has choices of hat, ball, ten and car and they are to pop the balloon for car. It’s a really cute game with lots of great ways to teach your child beginning to read skills. Another game your child can play is matching the letters to the initial sound of the word. So they have to match c to car. It also boosts memory as they have to remember where the letter c was, kind of like a very small memory game. Then a find the words that start with the letter e. It gives you words on a clothesline and they have to find all the e words. It gives them some play time too. They are able to decorate a kite and have a picnic too. Such a sweet educational game that you can trust for your kids. As a former 1st grade teacher I wholeheartedly can approve of this beautiful game app for your child! Make Lola ABC Party 2 an app you have on your iPhone or Android!

This is what Lola’s ABC Party 2 has to say about their app and watch their youtube video below!


Lola’s ABC Party 2: Kindergarten Practice Check out the trailer now: 

 Want to get this game for your child? 

APPSTORE links paid and free Lola’s ABC Party 2

iTunes Date 23rd of October, price $1,99)

Lola’s ABC Party 2 FREE: iTunes (Release Date 24th of October)

GOOGLE PLAY paid and free Lola’s ABC Party 2: Google Play (Release Date 23rd of October, price $1,99)

Lola’s ABC Party 2 FREE: Google Play free (Release Date 24th of October)


Help your children learn to read with Lola’s ABC Party 2! This game teaches spelling and word recognition to children ages 5-8. Reading practice made exciting and interactive! 

Key Features of the game: 

START with short vowels
LEARN phonetic spelling
MASTER spelling of 160 words
MEANINGFUL learning: Word recognition and construction 
CUSTOMIZED to the child’s learning pace 
VOICE OVER feature: Spoken and easy to understand instructions 
CHILD FRIENDLY usage experience: No in-app purchases or third party advertising 

Lola Panda® invites you, and all of her friends, to an outdoor adventure – join the Party and let the reading fun begin! Children get to build their favorite sandwich, choose their favorite fruit, and even create their own ice cream sundaes! At the end, the party goodies are shared and enjoyed with Lola and her friends! 

For smaller (3-6 year old) children, check Lola’s ABC Party!

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