Fitness Fridays Losing it!

fitness friday losing weight



It’s amazing to me when I’m having to watch my money so closely and can’t eat out how that weight just comes off. Fast food is the devil. I know it’s not good for me but some days I just don’t want to cook. Then there are weeks where I have no choice. I have to cook and I lose weight. Isn’t that amazing. You see results when you don’t eat fast food. There you have it. I also have been walking around 12-15 miles a week. My friends and I average 3.4 miles a day and by the end of the day I’ve walked 10-12ooo steps.  We aim for 4 days a week and some days we get 3 and some days we get 4. I cherish that time with my friends. I look forward to being with them on our walks every week. 

What can I improve? Drinking more water is always an area I need to improve. I’ve planned my meals for the rest of this week so that’s good and most of them are already made. Still no eating out for us! 

Love my scale with the big dial. You can get the scale here: 


Are you trying to lose weight too? I’d love to follow you and keep you accountable. You can friend me on my fitbit and keep each other accountable here’s my fitbit profile. Look me up! Follow me on instagram  or follow my journey on my weight loss pinterest boards. Let me know you’re following me so I can follow you back. Let’s kick this weight once and for all!

Here’s my first post that talks about the online gym and weight loss program.What have you done this week  that you are proud of? Even your smallest accomplishments are things to be savored and shouted from the rooftops. Let’s hear them! How has your week gone? Are you accomplishing any goals? Share them with me in a comment!

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