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2 Broke Girls are moving!

I love the show 2 Broke Girls. My young and single days are something that I think of fondly. I was never a waitress but was a customer service rep for a major book company and we made next to nothing. I shared an apartment with a friend and I remember being so broke that we would look for change in the couch so we could go buy bread to eat lunch at work. It is what it is. You just have to embrace that time and love it. This show brings back so many happy memories. Having money doesn’t make you happy. Having the best job doesn’t make you happy. You have to decide to be happy in spite of your circumstances. That’s what 2 Broke Girls does for me. It reminds me that you just need good friends who love you to work through life’s problems together. Your family is the people you surround yourself with and that includes your friends. 

2 Broke Girls has made a move. They didn’t have the money and they moved anyway, Chestnut, the horse, and all! They are now on Monday nights at 7:30 CST/8:30 EST. Don’t forget they are on CBS and will be there for you on their new night Mondays!


2 BROKE GIRLS is a comedy about the unlikely friendship that develops between two very different young women who meet waitressing at a diner in trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and form a bond over their dream of one day owning their own successful cupcake business. Only one thing stands in their way – they’re broke. Sarcastic, street-smart Max Black met the sophisticated, school-smart Caroline Channing when the uptown trust fund princess was having a run of bad luck due to her father’s Wall Street scandal, which caused her to lose all her money and forced her to give waitressing a shot. At first, Max sees Caroline as an entitled rich girl, but she’s surprised to find that Caroline has as much substance as she does style. When Caroline discovers Max’s knack for baking amazing cupcakes, she visualizes a lucrative future for them and they begin to save money to reach their start-up money goal of $250,000. As the girls’ cupcake tally expands week-to-week, they become closer to their goal and to each other. At the diner they are surrounded by their offbeat, colorful “work family”: Oleg, an overly flirtatious cook; Earl, a hip 75-year-old cashier; Han, the eager-to-please owner of the diner; and Sophie, the girls’ outrageous upstairs neighbor. As Max and Caroline climb toward their goal, we see that
their “smarts” plus their “hearts” might just be the recipe for success.

ON AIR: Mondays (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT)



MAX & CAROLINE ~ My 2 favorite girls!



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