Zylie the Bear Review and #giveaway

I was given a Zylie the Bear for review purposes. It did not affect my honest opinion of this product. 
zylie and abby
My daughter Abby was so excited to see Zylie the Bear arrive in my mailbox. She loves her. We  were scheduled to go on a vacation very soon after she arrived at my house. So we had to pack Zylie up and take her with us. Zylie #createadventureeveryday loves to create adventure every day. She was making arrangements at our hotel in this picture. 
busy zylie
She apparently wanted a massage and some room service. We had to reign her in a bit. We compromised and then took her to the water park instead. She had a great time. My daughter loves the fact that she came with a backpack, notepad, passport and a book. Abby has a passport too so she thought that was especially cool. Zylie took the ride to Gatlinburg, TN with us and slept most of the way. 
zylie adventure 
To sum up, my 7 year old loved her newest friend Zylie the Bear. She takes her everywhere and has been playing with her nonstop since she got her. Zylie has a few friends. One named Shen and another named Kiki. They have fabulous outfits that you can get at their store as well and a fun blog. They love to see us #createadventureeveryday. Make sure you check out the Zylie the bear blog  and the cute clothes at Zylie’s store too.  Here’s more about the makers of Zylie. I love their story!
A mother and son team taking on the Goliath’s of the toy industry with a simple mission: to inspire adventure. 

Zylie & Friends is a collection of doll-sized stuffed animal characters who travel the globe learning about new cultures. The characters inspire young children to go on adventures, both in their imaginations and the real world!

The line has gone from an idea at the kitchen table to the aisles of Toys ‘R’ Us, and continues to spread knowledge and creativity.

Zylie is the toy for kids who prefer plush to dolls, but still want great stories and style. Designed for ages 3-11.


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  1. I have a grandson that loves bears he received his first one whenever he was born at vanderbuilt hospital in ten where he was born at 26 wweeks he is now 2 and has a special attatchment to bears.

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