Diamond Candle Review and #Giveaway 9/26 US

As I sit here typing this up I’m smelling my lovely watermelon wedge diamond candle burning. I admit that I do love the smell of this candle. I also love watermelon gum and jolly ranchers. I may have a bit of a problem. Check out my pics of my beautiful diamond ring found in my candle! 

diamond candle.


I love my diamond candle. I was wondering as it was first burning how long it would take me to get to my candle. I let my candles burn for a bit and just sit and enjoy them. So, it took about 2 hours or so before it revealed a foil wrap inside my candle wax. I promptly blew my candle out and went to grab a fork to pull it up with. Wiped the foil packet off and opened it up to reveal my pretty pink ring. I was so excited to get this ring. I love the color, the cut and that it’s silver with diamonds on the side. It is amazingly beautiful. The one problem is that it’s not my size. It’s a touch too big for me. Wah! But let’s be honest I have little feet and tiny hands. So it’s not the ring’s fault I’m not even average. Their candles are so scrumptious and the rings are gorgeous. Check out the other reveal photos on the diamond candle website. To thank our sponsor don’t forget to like them on facebook.  Here’s their diamond candle story! 



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