Campus Book Rentals meets all your textbook needs for college!

Campus Book Rentals has it going on. They not only sponsored my backpack and school supplies donation but they also donate a portion of their sales to Operation Smile. Operation Smile  has the honor of doing good work to help children get their smiles back. I’m not sure you could find a more worthy cause.  In addition to saving us money by offering textbooks as rentals instead of purchasing them, they also have a Rentback program.  What does that mean? That means that when  you have already bought a textbook to use during your class you can ship it to them and let them rent it out for you. You’ll make 2-4x what you paid for it. Why not get paid for books you have lying around not being used. Then you get paid once that book gets rented. What a deal? Save money, make money and a portion of it goes to a good cause? I’m sold. I have a junior in high school so you can bet that I’ll be using Campus Book Rentals once he is ready to go to college. That will happen before I know it. Let’s look at some benefits of using Campus Book Rentals. 

-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices

-free shipping both ways

-can highlight in the textbooks

-flexible renting periods

-donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented 

Want more information? Watch the video below and learn more about Rentback. RentBack:


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