8 Ways to save money at the grocery store without using coupons

ways to save money at the grocery store


How do you save money at the grocery store? 

I don’t know about you, but the grocery store is one place where I spend a lot of money each month. We average $600 a month on groceries. That’s not a lot when you consider that I have 5 people in my family. My husband is a very hard worker at his job and has a big appetite because of it. My 3 kids, 2 boys with big appetites and a girl who barely eats, eat a lot of food too. I found a few ways to save money as my grocery bill continues to climb.

8 Ways to save money at the grocery store.

1. Stock up your freezer when meat is marked down. Even if I’m not needing meat if it’s a good deal and marked down I will buy it because I know in the next month it will be eaten.  I have found on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings it seems a lot of meat gets marked down at one of my local stores. 

2. Purchase mostly fruits and vegetables. Take them home wash and cut them up to help you and the family eat healthier. These foods help keep you fuller longer and then you eat less. 

3. When you see items go buy one get one free stock up. I found cat food bogof at my local store and I stocked up. My cat likes to eat! 

4. Make sure to check Amazon sales for things like toilet paper, paper towels, diapers and wipes. Stock up when you can!

5. Buy what is on sale that week. When you are picking up what is on sale you are always saving. Make sure it is something you will use of course. Don’t buy it if you won’t use it. Build your meals around the sales. That is always the way I make my menu plans. 

6. Email companies that you like and purchase a lot. Most of them will be glad to send you coupons if you ask. Then you can use the coupons together with buy one get one free deals and save even more. 

7. I get all my deodorant, toothpaste and cleaners at the dollar store. If it’s a dollar it’s for me! 

8. Shop the sales at the drug stores. Many of them have great deals that end up saving you lots of money. 

How do you save money at the grocery store?

I tried to be a couponer. I just did not like it. So these are the ways I save money at the grocery store. I love that I can print off coupons if I will use them. But most of the time I just run to the store and shop the sales. Grocery shopping doesn’t have to break the bank. How do you save money at the grocery store and other places?

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