5 Tips to Write a Better Paper


As a former Master’s student I learned really quick that my papers needed to be written quickly and efficiently. Having 3 kids at home I had no choice but to cut to the chase and write what I wanted to say down before I got sidetracked with juice, snack, and redirecting children. Here’s how I got those papers written!

1. Write an outline. Outline where your paper is going and what needs to be covered. A basic outline will help you keep your paper on track and going to where you need to be.

2.  Study in a quiet environment. If you have kids study when they are asleep or at the library. Many interrupted thoughts can mess your paper up! It helps to get in your studymode.com.

3. When you have a thought about your paper, no matter how big or small the thought is, write it down. If you are in the middle of another class, write it down and refer to it later. That way it will stay in and on your mind.

4.  Look at many sources. Those technical papers at the masters level required lots of cited sources. I used google, yahoo, as well as the medically relevant sources. I pulled from them all. Sometimes you can find a source in google that wasn’t yet documented in the medical sources. Check them all out. I got 5 extra points added to my grade by looking at sources all over the internet.

5. Just write. If you are stuck, just keep writing. Sometimes you just have to get started for the creative juices to flow. So by continuing to write, even when you feel like a blank slate, you are beginning the writing process. That, in itself, will help those words to flow. Just do it!


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