A boy, a job and a car…a teen’s tale.

high schooler getting a job

My son is now driving. Sob! How can this be? I still see him as my little 3 year old boy. I miss the cute bowl hair cut and now see the man before me. He is driving his siblings to school and is very responsible. He just obtained his first job and works 5 days a week right after school until 6:30 every night and every other Saturday.  He just received his first paycheck and we went into the bank to discuss our options. We have talked in depth about what he should do. It’s my  preference that he get a checking account and leave it as a savings account. Then we pull out the cash he is free to spend each week. That way he doesn’t go over and he saves for any car repairs and future endeavors he may want to go on.  

He is such a responsible child I can only hope he listens and the values that we believe in are coming through in him. That he learns from our mistakes and never lets credit take hold. We’ve been debt free for over 4 years except for the house and we are never ever going back. It took us too many years to get here. We paid cash for our last car and we’ll drive it a long time.  I know he has a life of mistakes that are to be made. I know that the only way you learn is to make those mistakes. But, oh, I hope he loves God, has a healthy relationship with money and cares for others. I only want him to be happy.  Isn’t that what we all want for our children?  Letting them grow up is a hard job. It’s what we are called to do. I can now only sit back and hope I’ve done my job!

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