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My review of the Grocer

I love the concept of the Grocer by ADK Packworks. I like that it was inspired by history and that it is a great asset for those who get around by bicycle or even their own two feet. It would also be great simply getting groceries. It has a nylon like covering that seems like it would hold up very well over time. It has a feature that allows you to carry it with your hands, over your shoulder like a bag or as a backpack like option. The backpack option would be so awesome for cyclists! The bag has a great bottom and sides to it. It can fold flat or fold down some and carried that way but yet it will still hold it’s shape. So it would be an asset for teachers carrying papers back and forth, librarians toting books around, a computer tech with lots of gadgets to carry around or the CEO (in or out of the home haha) with lots of errands to run and things to do. You can see the inside of the bag here with the strap that you use to strap around you to carry on your back. Such a great feature. 

ADK The Grocer bag review


More info on ADK’s The Grocer

This innovative new design of the 150-year old Adirondack pack basket includes an internal frame and a flat bottom for increased stability, independent of the load, which keeps everything standing upright in the back of your car or next to your desk. This multi-purpose tote is large enough to carry everything you will need and is also available with an insulated liner to help with temperature control. The adjustable strap allows for a variety of carrying positions (two‐handled, over‐the‐shoulder, and backpack style) that can be reconfigured to fit your style when you take on the go.

Enter to Win ADK’s The Grocer Ready to win one and put it to use in your big city or suburban country? Enter the giveaway tools below and I hope it’s you that wins!

46 Replies to “The Grocer Review and #giveaway #backtoschool”

  1. I would use it while walking around the mall. Then I would only have ! bag to carry, and no plastic.

  2. I’d use it most every day – Swimming pool, Yoga class, store, visit friends with my dog.

  3. Picking up the CSA box! My husband has to do it from two towns up and haul it home through 2 buses. Something sturdier than a canvas bag would be a huge help!

  4. I would use this when I take my golf cart to go shopping. (In my town, people get around by golf cart… weird, I know.)

  5. I would use it when I take my kids to the Dr or we go to run errands. I have four kids two being two year old twins so snacks are a must.

  6. I’m a city girl, and I walk most everywhere! I’d use this for the farmer’s market, for thrifting, for errands… it looks so comfortable and useful!

  7. I’d use it to go get my mail. Sometimes there are quite a few packages and I would like an easier way to carry them.

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