Ready or not… It’s back to school time!

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The sounds of backpacks zipping and lunchboxes being packed can be heard before the kids begin clamoring to wait for the bus or hop in the car. Moms are excited and scared for their children’s new year and new teachers. It’s that time of year that we anxiously wait for and yet dread at the same time. We say good bye to getting up whenever we want, swimming at the local watering hole, long days of laziness and start hearing the sound of Katy Perry’s I’m wide awake as our new alarm ring tone is set to go off at 6 am.  Yes moms school time is almost here. The kids in my house are excited and scared at the same time. They want to go back to seeing their friends on a daily basis but are worried about their new teachers and my middle child has to switch all classes now. Sniff, where does the time go?

The kids begin to get excited as they observe me bringing school supplies into the house. I always am on a budget so we do budget school supplies. I try to get the most bang for my buck but also want to buy quality.  Here’s my list of top quality items I always budget for my kids. 

  1. Crayola crayons
  2. Elmer’s Glue sticks or glue bottle
  3. Bic red pens
  4. LL Bean backpacks (otherwise you have to purchase a new backpack by Christmas!)
  5. Zip close binders so that their papers do not fall out. 


classrooms by walmart

Do you let your kids pick out their school supplies? Or do you do like I do and bring home what you feel is best for them? Either way I just signed up for the Classrooms by Walmart account.  I added my children’s teachers email so that they could list their school supply lists there and I could then print it to run to Walmart and pick all the items up that they requested. I could also have just ordered it all online and never bothered with the store.  

They also started a program where you can earn up to 4% cash for schools just for doing your normal shopping there. How great is that? If your school’s not doing this yet you can download this flyer and take it with you to the principal or the PTA so they can begin to get the word out about ways to earn money for the teachers.  Even if you shop online you can earn eboxtops for education for your class. 

So to sum up. Parents you can sign up easy peasy below.  

1) Visit the Classrooms website
2) Click on “Parents Sign up” in the top menu bar.
3) Fill out the information
4) Then Click “Sign Up”  

You can also pass this info along to your child’s teacher. As a former teacher I sure wish we’d had online lists like these! That make life for parents and teachers easier. 

Here’s how your child’s teachers can sign up:

1) Visit the Classrooms website
2) Click on “Teachers Sign up” in the top menu bar
3) Fill out the form
4) Press “Create Account”

Leave me a comment and tell me what is your back to school shopping routine? Do you buy on sale? Do you take your kids with you? Do they pick every item out? Or are you more like me, on a budget and watching my pennies? 


  • Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today’s discussion

7 Replies to “Ready or not… It’s back to school time!”

  1. Oh wow, I love that they are giving money back to the schools! That is awesome & makes me want to do my Back To School shopping there 🙂

  2. This is wayyyy cool! I love that they’re giving money back and I love how they’re simplifying things!!

  3. That’s awesome that Walmart is doing this. I do some of my shopping there but Target is so much closer that I do most of it there. Now that I know that they’re giving back I’ll probably do a lot more there this year. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My kids are too little to argue about what I bring home – so I bring home whatever I can get on sale/with coupons. I am sure that will change in the future!

  5. I truly can’t figure out how summer is almost over already! So sad! Thanks for the great resource though! 🙂

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