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This review is sponsored by PowerMyLearning. This is an honest representation of my review and all opinions are my own.

power my learning review


I’ve been working on finding my son some multiplication games. He’s in the 5th grade and he’s not gotten his facts down yet. I hated math so I know what he’s going through. I found the site PowerMyLearning and set up an account for both children. My daughter loves that she can practice her skills for her grade in every subject. They have games for everything. Social studies, science, reading, language arts, math, art & music, languages and your life, Power my Learning covers it all. I’m thankful these sites exist for my children to either help them relearn the skill or just practice it and get the skill that much better. 

power my learning

PowerMyLearning is a great resource and it’s free for everything k-12 and all grades in between. Educational games that will help your child get ahead or practice the skill that they’ve not mastered. It incorporates themes that your kids already enjoy. Themes like trains, fashion and even animals. Your child can work on a skill in the theme that they like most. I love that. When my son was younger he was all about trains. He would have done any game on the net if it had trains in it. How fun for the kids! 

PowerMyLearning is a site my kids will be returning to again and again. Make sure you visit PowerMyLearning and register to get your child all kinds of educational games and fun! 

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  1. I so love that this is free and all my kids can use this. My son would enjoy this because he loves being on the computer. Thanks for the review.

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