Fitness Friday! Weigh in time! #revoltnowfit

weekly weigh in




Here’s last week’s post so you know how the weight loss is coming along!  It looks like since last week I have had a weight loss this time of 1.2 lbs. Woot! You should also take note that my little girl painted my toe nails and did them all different colors. I’m trying to be trendy and cool but I’m not sure how that looks on me! I’m such a creature of habit and a one color polish on all toes kind of girl. But she loves it and so do I! I’m trying to embrace new things. 

What I did right this week? I made it a point to eat less carbs. I am having a hard time working out right now. But I’m going to do better. I want the direction of this scale to go back to the 130’s where I used to be before kiddos. That’s my goal. I would even be thrilled at 139! I want my clothes to fit better and my body to tone up. I want to feel good in my clothes. I don’t even care if I do not go down much in size. I just want my clothes to be looser. What goals are you making for yourself this week? Do you like that my crazy silly heart my daughter made me is appearing in my posts? 😀

Here’s my first post that talks about the online gym and weight loss I’m going to, doing and loving! I’ve lost about 4.7 lbs in 4 weeks. As long as I’m not gaining then this is working great for me! Stay tuned until next week and let’s see if I can pull a bigger number. Join me in my weight loss. Tell me what you are doing to get fit, lose weight or get healthy in a comment. Let’s be each other’s cheerleaders! 

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