Fitness Friday Time to weigh in

Well it’s another Friday and time for a Fitness Friday check in and weigh in. I have to confess I’m up again. I’m not letting it get me down and I’m counting this as another week down and next week will be better. I worked out with my friends. We walked over 10 miles last week and did water aerobics twice. So I’m working out hard and my food has increased because of the working out. I am going to use my calorie counter more next week and see if we can’t reverse this direction. 

Here’s last weeks Fitness Friday post telling you how I did and showing you my number. 

And my new number. Blah! I’m still down 5.1 lbs so that’s still a reason to celebrate.  Next week is a new week and I get to show the scale who’s boss! Who’s losing weight with me? Share your stories of weight loss and motivate me to continue to lose!fitness fridays let's weigh in


Here’s my first post that talks about the online gym and weight loss program.What have you done this week  that you are proud of? Even your smallest accomplishments are things to be savored and shouted from the rooftops. Let’s hear them! How has your week gone? Are you accomplishing any goals? Share them with me in a comment! 


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  1. This is great. I recently started doing the Brazilian Workout and Insanity. I cannot wait to see my results after a few weeks.

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