Find&Save survey looks at how we shop for school supplies and saves us time! #sponsored

back to school infographic



School began today for my family. It was that short day where we just go meet the teacher and get the supply lists. So, I’m one of those shoppers that overbuys and buys what’s on sale and needed. I loved this infographic from Find&Save. It showed me that most people do a mix of online and in store purchasing. According to the Find&Save Back-to-School Shopping Experience survey it also shows that we do more buying of what is needed not what the kids are wanting. That’s in contrast with the way we shop on Black Friday according to this survey! Which totally makes sense, on Black Friday I’m shopping for their wants for Christmas and on School Friday I’m shopping for what the teachers ask for!  They also pointed out that the kids go shopping with the parents at back to school time and that doesn’t happen on Black Friday. I love that the infographic from Find&Save shows us that we have more time now to shop for back to school sales then we do as it gets closer to the holidays. 

With FindnSave I was able to create a list of my back to school shopping needs. I could then find the cheapest price for that item and where it was at. I loved this feature. I found pencil pouches for a .01 at Office Depot! Then I found binders I needed at Walmart and the TI 30 calculator we needed for my son who is going into 5th grade. My kids are going into 2nd, 5th and 11th grade this year. It’s so hard to believe. Thank you Find&Save for making my job of finding the sales easier with your quick and easy list maker! 


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