Kwickeye helps plan your family birthdays and gift giving occasions. #kwickeye @kwickeye

 kwickeye review

Do you like your children and family to get certain presents that are already approved by you? Kwickeye helps you by having you add things to lists and then you can send that list to your friends and family. By having the list there your friends can even surprise you with a gift and you’ll get a notice that something was purchased but you’ll have no idea what or from who. How fun is that? 

I made a list of items my girl would like (and I would like her to have) for her birthday. Some of that included reusable sandwich and snack bags for her lunch box. I’m always trying to find ways to lessen the impact of my children and family on the earth. This is one way I could do that and get her something that she’ll use almost daily in her day to day school activities. I love that. I hope someone picks them up for her. 

kwickeye review

Another thing I really liked was that I can see what others add to their lists and like and comment on their items too. Some I even added to my list, which was so easy to do. You just click the + sign and choose which list to add it too. This Kwickeye gift list is so simple and easy to work with. You never know how cool something is until you see someone else wanting it. 

Make sure you like them on facebook and check out the Kwickeye website to find out how to start lists for your kids. I’m going to do this for Christmas as they start naming off stuff they want. I can just hop on and put them on the list so I don’t forget! So simple. 

More of my daughter’s list I made for her. 

kwickeye review




Kwickeye has a button that you can drag to your bookmark bar. Then as you find things at either the big box stores or small etsy shops you can kwickadd them to your list. You can tell above I found something at Target as well as at Uncommon Goods. I love that feature. 

– Kwickeye was featured on CNBC as one of the most promising startups globally – 

-The site was founded by a mom – Gayathri Santhanam, an entrepreneur with technology background. She has two adorable kids, Aadit(6) and Anishka(3). She lives in the San Francisco BayArea.

I love that I can support a great new startup started by a mom of 2 kids! Check out her site and find out all the ways you can use Kwickeye to your advantage! 


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