It’s that time! Fitness Friday! #revoltnowfit #dontquit #willloseweight


You know when you are going through a weight loss program you have good days and bad. I still desperately crave Dr. Pepper. I don’t keep it in the house and have it a few times a week. But I want that craving gone. Today it’s 9:37 and I’ve had a cup of iced coffee with no creamer. Creamer sends me crashing like nothing else I’ve ever had so I had to cut it out. I have come to like my coffee with stevia and my lactose free milk. It’s all in what you are used too. 

Yesterday I was putting my food into my sparkpeople food tracker and I saw my former favorite drink. The drink I still miss. Dr. Pepper 10. That was my way of drinking crap and enjoying the taste without feeling guilty about the calories. But then it started affecting my body in so many ways that I had to cut that out too. I miss it. Sigh. Here’s my post on why the diet drinks are bad for you and what they were doing to me. 

This last week I did 4 days of workouts. I feel like I’m toning up but I’m not seeing the scale move. That’s totally normal. You don’t want to start a diet/weight loss program and give up because the scale doesn’t move. My fat is turning to muscle. This I know! I was waiting to post today because I lost my stat tracker this week. My computer had to be wiped clean so I could keep using it and prevent me spending money I don’t have on a new one.  I’ve even already done my workout for the morning.  Here’s my accountability post without the stat tracker.  Here’s a link to last week’s weight loss post when I weighed in I was at 176.4 today I weighed in at 176.2. A weight loss is still a loss. I know I can do better. 

The things I ate this week but shouldn’t have…Pizza Hut…only 2 small slices but they were both pretty greasy. Drank dr. pepper. 

What I did right this week? ate smaller portions. Ate cottage cheese with strawberries sliced up…yum and so much protein in the cottage cheese. 

I did make my children bowls of ice cream the other night. I managed to not eat it because of the weigh in that was coming up! 

Tell me your victories this week. Big or small they do matter! I’d love to help by cheering you on in your weight loss along the way! 

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