I’m starting a diet revolt! #fitfriday

diet and exercise

I am starting this again. I started it around the beginning of May and on May 5 had emergency surgery. They took my gall bladder out. I had no idea I was having gall bladder problems. Well I did the day of surgery and the day before but that’s it. So now I’m finally cleared to go back to dieting and exercise. This is my week of detox. I will by the end of the week be off soda, white products (flour, sugar, etc) and eating mostly lean meats, fruits and veggies.  I will be drinking a gallon of water per day as I detox my body. I’m super excited to be starting this program again. I was doing really well the last time and had lost about 5 lbs the week I was on it. So let’s see what this week brings. I’ll post my stats next week after I’ve completed my first week of detox. At the end of my dieting and exercising I will be posting my before and after pics. I already have my before. But I’m too chicken to show them until after! 

I have an exercise bike, elliptical and a treadmill at my house. I have a gym membership. I was working out so well before surgery. I had a friend and we were meeting 3x a week. Now that the kids are home it’s like I’m starting all over again. I’m excited to see how much smaller I will be in 12 weeks. Yes, I’m committing to this program for 12 weeks. 


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