Howse Foundation Living with Lupus info and $50 Whole Foods/Sprouts Giveaway 8/3

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Howse Foundation: A Lupus Resource:

Howse Foundation, founded by Kimberly Howse, is a resource for those dealing with Lupus, having been diagnosed or having a loved one diagnosed. It’s a resource where Kimberly shares HER personal experiences to help others with Lupus.

Kimberly Howse, founder of Howse FoundationI have Lupus, but I am a NOT a Victim.

Meet, Kimberly Howse, the founder of Howse Foundation. I use this forum to share MY personal experiences to help others with Lupus. One might think with all my endless Dr. visits I am a health expert but I am NOT. I am simply sharing my personal experiences that I find may be helpful to others that may not have the resources or time to do it themselves. I want you to know how much I sincerely care for and appreciate each of you. I need you more than you know.

“Sexy, Healthy and Beautiful living with Lupus”

At Howse Foundation I believe in nature’s remedies, organic living and self-healing. I research and test different healthy alternatives for living a better life and share the results here. I am, however, also am aware that sometimes medication is absolutely necessary to manage this disease. I believe in proactively taking preventative measures to prevent permanent damage whenever possible. I love seeing people happy, healthy and feeling good about themselves. This is why the slogan “Sexy, Healthy and Beautiful living with Lupus” was created.

I was raised in a home where dedication and persistence is key. When in doubt, I do not cease at the first opinion received; I continue exploring other possible outcomes or results. I want others to know there are options and support, which is why I created Howse Foundation, where I have been willing to share my soul, my heart. I have given my sweat, blood and tears and laid them in the open for you.

I hope to inspire, share and grow and for you help me grow as well. My mission is to give you a sense of love. A sense of overcoming this disease and not letting it overcome you. I want to share the most intimate part of my journey with this illness with you in hopes that you will be better and stronger than anyone ever thought you could.

I give you Howse Foundation! From handicap placards, tinted windows, hair regrowth, work accommodations or no work at all I want to share how I live with Lupus!

Get social with Howse Foundation on Facebook or their co-sponsor, Lupus LA’s website and learn more about Lupus.

One Lucky Reader will win a $50 Whole Foods or Sprout’s Gift Card (Winner’s Choice)

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  1. Hi, I learned that Lupus is an immune system disorder, IS cells attack the body’s own healthy tissues

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