How’s your spare? Put air in your spare!

a flat spare tire will be of no use to you!
a flat spare tire will be of no use to you!

My hubby is a technician at our local Acura dealership. Something that has been bothering him for awhile is that most people have a flat spare tire in their car. How is that going to help you in an emergency? If your spare tire is flat then you will have to have your car towed or have some company like AAA come out and fix it for you.  It’s such a quick fix. This is something you can do for yourself and you need to make sure you do it once a year. 

Tires naturally deflate over time.  Go out to your car and find your spare tire. Mine is located in my van under my driver side back seat in the floor board. You may need to google to find out where your spare tire is found in your car if you don’t know. So to find out how much air your spare should have just check the door of your car.

how to put air in your spare tire
how to put air in your spare tire

  For each car a different amount of pressure is needed. If you have a tire pressure gauge just take it with you to your local gas station that has air. Air it up and then use your gauge to check to see if you have the right amount of pressure. Most cars use around 3osomething lbs of pressure. But your car door should tell you exactly how much your particular car needs. Each car is different so make sure to check the inside of your car door.  

This is my driver side door. You can see the sticker on the right hand side. Here’s the sticker a bit bigger.

airing up your spare tire
There is a string of numbers in the 3rd line followed by lbs. The two numbers before that is your pressure. Mine is 33lbs.


Ladies be proactive and go check your spare tires! Tires naturally deflate over time so check on them at least once a year and put more air in them when needed. Have you ever been stranded because of a flat tire?


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  1. Good reminder! I don’t think I’ve checked ours since we bought the car. I will have to make sure we do that before we leave for our next trip!

  2. Oh what great info! Never know I could find what it needs in the door info! Thanks so much for this great post.

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