How To Make Camping Fun For The Entire Family

When properly planned a family camping vacation can be extremely enjoyable for all concerned. The trick is to include everyone in the process. As with any vacation, fun should be built-in from the beginning. This includes travel time to and from the camp site.

Planning Is Essential

Although every vacation should be flexible enough to allow for the unexpected, it is important to make plans. For example, you will want to know when you plan to leave home and when you will arrive at your destination. However, any time you are traveling with kids or a group of any kind, you should build in a little flex time. This refers to daily schedules as well as the time you plan to leave home.

For instance, instead of planning to leave at precisely 7am it is less stressful to plan your departure sometime between 7 and 8am. This flexibility sets the tone for a relaxed trip. Last minute hold ups can be flexed in without an interruption to plans.

Other things to plan include the actual place you will be camping and the gear and supplies needed for your trip. Even when camping, comfort is important. With that in mind you will need to bring along appropriate clothing. This will include things like jackets and rain gear, as well as extra shoes and socks. Staying dry and warm is a big part of being comfortable.

Most people eat ‘camp food’ when they are camping. However, meals should be varied and nutritious. If kids are along you will need to have foods and snacks they enjoy.  Some foods can be cooked over an open campfire and others may require a camp stove. The idea is to make the experience fun and interesting.

Get everyone involved in the camping experience. One way to do that is to give everyone a job or responsibility. Even small children can help with things like gathering firewood or helping with the cleanup after a meal. This involvement makes each person feel important to the group. In addition, it helps keep things organized, thus the camping vacation goes more smoothly.

Making Camping Fun

Your camping vacation should begin the moment you leave home. This means your travel time should be more than a car ride to the camp site. Make your road trip fun and entertaining. A real treat for all would be traveling in Dave Arbogast camper vans. This travel option offers lots of space and the comforts of home.

Traveling in a camper van means you will need fewer true ‘camping supplies’. After all, you will have a comfortable place to sleep and eat. Many owners of camper vans take advantage of boon docking or free camping. This saves them money that can be used for other camping and travel needs.

The added travel space in a camper means you can bring along lots of things to make the trip more fun. This might include board games, sports gear, and craft supplies.

When you camp you have an opportunity to get in touch with nature. Be sure to take along a camera to capture images of wildlife and beautiful scenery. When you return home you can create a camping memory book. You can even do research to learn about the animals and other creatures in the photos. This is also a great way to make the trip an educational experience.


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