Fitness Friday! #revoltnowfit #dontquit #willloseweight

Disclosure: I was given a gym membership to facilitate the writing of these multiple posts. 

I am blogging for a gym and looking to lose about 30 lbs minimum. Thank you Revolt Now for allowing me to do your program and get the weight off once and for all. I will be posting weekly weigh ins and measurements. I will post a before and after but not until the transformation is complete! I can’t wait to see how far I’ve come. Here’s my stat tracker for the week. So, I lost almost 3 lbs last week!! Look for my Fitness Friday posts to see how far I’ve come! Talk about laying myself out there. You guys are going to know way too much about me! 

Any weight loss is good weight loss!
Any weight loss is good weight loss!

Revolt Now Fitness is an online gym that gives you meal plans (with real food you purchase and cook) and online workouts that they guide you through.  I will go through a detox phase and dieting phase for over 6 weeks with working out 5-6 times per week and eating 5-6 small meals per day. If I’ve not lost all I want to lose then I continue on and keep doing the diet for another 6 weeks and doing their workouts. It’s a great program and would be awesome for those that do not have access to a gym. I’m so excited to blog for them and to see my own results at the end of this 6 weeks! Woot!! Won’t you join me for the ride?


Thinking about joining? Click this link and check it out! Revolt Now with me!

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