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This is a sponsored post for Huggies Mominspired. All opinions are honest and my own. 

Ideas strike at the oddest times. If you come up with a great idea make sure you write it down so you don’t forget it. It seems that 84% of the best parenting ideas strike after the person has a baby. That does make perfect sense. You can’t fill a need you know nothing about! The new parents find a need that must be filled and end up making their item to complete their need. Huggies Mominspired is offering up as many as 12 people $15000 to make their product ideas come to fruition. Dad or Mom can apply it doesn’t matter. What matters is you have an idea and they have the funds to fund your ideas! I love that. 

Have a great idea and want to share it? Need to know how to apply? 

Apply Now:

  • Who: Anyone with an original, innovative and viable new product idea to help make life easier for parents; must be 21 and older and reside in the United States
  • How: Log onto and submit application, including the idea and business plan
  • When: May 6, 2013, through July 31, 2013
  • Why: For the chance to receive $15,000 and advice to help start or grow your business idea 

These award winners are looking for new and innovative ideas to add to their 32 winners from the past. Wouldn’t you like to be one more and you could be number 33 from previous award winners?  How about this past winner who marketed Magnificent Baby.  She made a clothing line that uses Smart Close magnetic fasteners. Why didn’t I think of that? Those snaps used to drive me crazy on the baby onesies.  Her sales have tripled since she won that grant.  Or Romy T. a 2011 winner for acupressure wrist bands to relieve nausea. These are now sold at 13000 plus major retailers in the US. Awesome!

Here’s how to connect with them! 

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