Summer time means we hit the road! #fuelyoursummer #sponsored #win #giveaway 6/30 US

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Kroger sponsored this $100 giveaway with product or compensation. 

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My beach photos and my new salt life sticker tell me it’s summer. Summer is the time when we hit the road and head for the beach. Whether it’s the beach that is 8 hours away or the lovely little lake beach we have here in town we love to hit the water. When we travel there is no doubt that we have to fuel up the family vehicle to do it.  Kroger understands that and wants to help you with fuel!

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Shop weekends and earn double reward points!

Did you know that on weekends from now until June 30 you can purchase your groceries at Kroger and receive up to 2x the fuel points?  For some Kroger customers that will add up to $1.00 per gallon in savings. Every $1 you spend at the store gives you 2 in fuel rewards. All you have to do is buy your groceries on the weekend! You can then cash those in at any fuel station  That is a savings I could definitely use to fuel up my car for vacation.  Thank you Kroger and fuel your summer for the rewards. 

Thank you Kroger for rewarding my readers with this giveaway!

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Be sure to leave a comment telling me what trips are you taking this summer that you could use the fuel your summer rewards on? Share your story with me.

Thank you again to Kroger for sponsoring this giveaway and providing product or compensation.

36 Replies to “Summer time means we hit the road! #fuelyoursummer #sponsored #win #giveaway 6/30 US”

  1. Kroger helps my family manage our fuel budget for our vacation, especially great this June with the double fuel rewards! Thanks Kroger 🙂
    Kim Reid
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  2. By saving money on groceries with their digital coupons and great sales, but also because you can earn gas rewards for shopping

  3. I will be driving through 6 states with my daughter this summer. The savings on fuel I will get using my Kroger Fuel Points will really help us keep costs down. I just got back from Kroger this morning where I spent $225. So I got 550 fuel points! Awesome! That’s five trips to the gas station worth of savings!

  4. This would help so much with our upcoming family vacation. We will be taking a roadtrip and we already shop at Kroger, so we’ll be using the fuel points to fill up and save some money.

  5. This can really save me a lot of money on gas for my upcoming road trip & also on groceries/snacks!

  6. i have only been shopping at kroger for 1 month so i have not used te fuel rewards yet.

  7. I shop at Kroger for all of my groceries, so if I could save $100 there I could use the money to take a trip to the outer banks 🙂

  8. this would help me stock up on groceries to bring on our summer road trip and save a ton of money

  9. This summer, we are going to visit my Dad in Dallas, and then we MIGHT travel down to Corpus to check out the beach! So excited.

  10. Earning fuel points for gas discounts will help pay for some of the gas for our family trip to Six Flags.

  11. Sorry for the earlier confusion, I understand the double points on grocery purchases. Normally you are able to save up to $1.00 per gallon on fillup using 1000 fuel points. Last summer, Kroger raised the limit to $2.00 off per gallon for using up to 2000 fuel points. I was wondering if this might be happening again.

  12. I buy gift cards at Kroger for other stores I have to shop at. That gives me enough fuel points to save on gas, a win-win!

  13. The fuel points I earn at Kroger really help my vacation budget go farther since I pay less for gas at the pump.

  14. I stocked up at Kroger last weekend just so I could get double points – was definitely worth it. I love saving money at the gas pump.

  15. Double points and gas from Kroger will get me to my destination for a couple of fun day trips this summer.

  16. By saving me money on groceries I’ll have more to save for a great vacation
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

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