Reclaimed and repurposed trash into a planting table

I love looking at everyone’s do it yourself photos for furniture, odds and ends and even crafts. This table was left at one of our rentals and was just going to be thrown away. But I had a vision for this table. Here’s the before picture.

tiling a table top


First I spray painted the table so that the small areas of hunter green no longer show. To this we bought a piece of wonder board. Why wonderboard? Well we aren’t sure if we are going to keep it inside or outside so incase we decided to keep it outside we wanted a weatherproof board. He cut it to size and screwed it into the base. To that we bought the 12×12 squares of tiles that you can get at any home store, normally used in bathrooms, and grouted them to the wonderboard. I forgot to take pictures here. Please forgive me. Here’s the table with the board on and the tiles grouted down. No grout is on the top.

table 2

We pulled it inside and drug it close to the sink so that we could grout the tiles on top on this rainy day. Apply the grout all over the tiles.

table 3

Then wipe it so the grout that’s not in the grooves comes off. We did that using a wet sponge.
table 4

Then we grouted the side of the table so that the color was consistent. It’s now ready for me to start all my seedlings inside the house. My planting table is ready! Thanks to my hubby for making me get off my butt and get it done! He rocks. Have you ever repurposed a piece of furniture or other item? Show me pics of what you’ve redone and repurposed!
table 5

9 Replies to “Reclaimed and repurposed trash into a planting table”

  1. You are very creative – I am abrowser at garage sales and flea markets and I think you have inspired me to find something I can turn into a treasure.

    1. I love yard sales & last weekend was the first time signs were up in our area. She was ready to shop! I had to tell her I don’t have cash. Lol she’s ready I just need to get cash together so we can go this weekend! Thanks for reading!

  2. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!! WOW!! I would have just thrown that away!! I love the outcome. WOW!!

  3. I love this idea, curious how did he attach the board on top?? there are holes in the legs. and did you think maybe of putting another shelf in the center? I think I would go one different and reuse broken pottery to make my own mosaic on top/ also could have put hole in top for bucket of dirt sitting on second shelf.

    1. Those are great ideas. I need another shelf on their! We screwed it the table top down into the table legs. HTH.

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